Vaclav won the first prize in ZSL ANIMAL PHOTOGRAPHY COMPETITION (category "DEEP AND MEANINGFUL"). This international competition was organized by ZSL society in London and entered by thousands photographers. Vaclav was invited to the prize giving exhibition in London, received first prize (1000 GBP) and his photograph "SLOWEST SPRINTER" was used for the book cover (the book of the competition´s best photographs).

The competition have been entered by more than 1000 photographers and the exhibition manager Sarah Barron said: "After the calibre of the entries into the ZSL Animal Photography Prize in 2012 we had high hopes for this year's competition, but we couldn't have anticipated the incredible quality of the images entered."

Vaclav Krpelik's striking image of a turtle in the Red Sea was the adult winner in the Deep and Meaningful category. Vaclav said: "I met this big animal when free-diving in the Abu Dabbab bay. It emerged out of nowhere, eating the sea grass and coming right at me. This image captures the precise moment when the turtle decided to come up to the surface to take a breath."